Whatever is your size or shape, all my designs can be altered to fit your body. Whether it's adding a more supportive lining, a different closure, straps, modifying the shape... Please see the "Fitting concerns" section below.

Sizing - How to order

All my designs are made to order to your own measurements. So how do we do this and how can you order ? 


The design you've choosed is either made from one of my standard measurement pattern (if your measurements are standard) or the pattern is altered or completely remade to your own specific body shape. In any case, the price stays the same !


It might be possible that some bras or bralettes designs can't be made in a certain size. This is not because I think it won't be pretty, it can be because I don't have enough knowledge to grade the pattern up or down to a certain point ; or it can be because the design itself won't work : I firmly believe we should all wear underwear that fits our own bodies, and to me it means acknowledging the needs for every sizes - not just make a design smaller or bigger. But don't worry: there a only a very few designs I can't make in any size ! 


So now let's talk about measurements and ordering : 


1. Measure yourself ! For bras, tops, bralette : your will need to measure your bust and underbust and for the knickers, I'll need your waist and hips measurement. If you don't really know how to measure, scroll down and you'll finds some tips and drawings. 


2. Add the design you've chosen to your cart, follow the instructions and you'll find an area where you can leave me a message. That's where you can give me your measurements and any information you think is relevant. Don't worry if you skip that step, or can't find your tape measure - you can always send me an email later. Just don't forget to add your order number !


How to measure yourself

Always measure yourself without clothes, or only wear tight-fitting clothes like leggings. For your bust and underbust measurements, wear a non-padded bra, or nothing at all. Use a tape measure and stand in front of a mirror - or ask someone to measure you - to make sure the tape is always parallel with the floor. 




1. Bust

You'll need this for all the bras and bralette. Measure around the fullest part of your bust. Keep the tape just a tiny bit loose. 


2. Underbust

You'll need this for all the bras and bralette. Measure around the your bust, just below the breast. Keep the tape tight around your body, but not so much you can't breathe ;-) 


 3. Waist

I need this one for any kind of knickers - yes, even the low rises ones. 

Measure around you waist, at the smallest part of your torso wich is usually just above the navel. Keep the tape close to the skin, but not too tight. 


4. Tour de bassin

I need this one for any kind ok knickers

Measure around the hips, at the fullest part - it's usually around your bottom. Keep the tape close to the skin, but not too tight. 

Fitting concerns

Wearing underwear not designed for your body shape can be really uncomfortable, so here are some of the things I can do to make your underwear perfect for your body shape. These are just the most commons requests I have, if you have any concern / question, feel free to send me an email !

a wider gusset

If you need a gusset that's wider than what your usually find on regular women's knickers that's super simple. Just leave me a not with your order and it's done. 

The gusset will be wider and a bit longer so there will be more room down there. Visually, the design won't change at all; there won't be any extra seam or whatever. 

Note that I already design the knickers with a wide gusset because a gusset that's too small is just pure hell; so if you just have this issue sometimes, not with aaaall the underwear you buy, it will be fine. 

small cups

If you need cups with very little volume and / or projection (You'll know this if most of the bras you buy, in any size, seem to always have loose fabrics in the cups) just leave me a little note with your order (and your measurements)

Big cups - added support

If you need a firm support and are not sure if the design you want will offer you enough, just send me a message and we'll see together what could work for you ! There are many things possible, from adding an extra layer of lining to make some changes to the design itself.

side / front closures

- All knickers can be modified to add a side closure, with hooks or snaps. 

- All bras and bralette can also be modified to add a front or side closure. It can be a regular hooks and eyes closure at a different place, or snaps, or one single hook...

Just send me a message and we'll talk about it.